In cooperating with our company, new work and cooperation places and are continuously opening, for personnel with working spirit, persistent, patient and with discipline.
The positions available are:

Internet applications construction, Android and linux applications.
Websites and applications designing.
Direct sales and telephone sales.
Cooperate web of partners throughout Greece and abroad.
ΤTranslation department for the needs of our applications.
Our company has positions for internships as well, and each year accepts seniors and graduates from various institutes.

For the available work spots, we seek people with knowledge of the below requirements.
1. Programmers – Very good knowledge of Php, data bases, Css, java, ajax jquery etc. The positions are called upon to cover the needs of the internet and android applications' construction.
2. Graphics designers- Necessarily a very good knowledge of graphics programs, imagination in the creation of projects that can respond in today's needs. Also experience in webdesing is needed.
3. Salepersons – outdoors sales B2B to businesses, door to door sales. (Having education on the matter is not necessary, only a will to work and good spirit. Experience will be preffered but not necessary).
4. Independent representatives – representatives throughout Greece are needed, which will undertake our company's representation in their places (the position is only for independent cooperation, you will earn only with your hard work and our training and support).
5. Call persons for telemarketing, with the purpose of selling throughout Greece or sending offers, depending to each person's or business's various needs.
6. Telemarketing abroad – with the purpose of making telephone sales of our services to other European countries, very good knowledge of one of the bellow languages, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian.
(Telemarketing can be done by distance as well)

Send us your resume in our e-mail or complete the following form.


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