Company profile

Exnet Hellas was founded in 1999 under the name Exelixis with the objective of providing multiple services, consulting, financial and investments, advertising, telephony, internet, insuring and trade activities, as well as real estate agency and construction.

Since 2001 our company entered actively the web services market, constructing applications and covering the increasing needs of businesses in being promoted through the internet.

etaireia exnethellasSince 2003 our company began, through specialized applications, to promote businesses in the internet in Greece and abroad, while simultaneously we created a data bank of productions throughout Greece, using an application especially created for this and through the website  

Since 2008 the company was renamed to Exnet Hellas and undertook the web services related section. The rest of the sectors are dealt with the new commercial company Mania Market Ltd with headquarters in Sophia and Leucosia.

Exnet Hellas today is active in the construction of specialized internet applications, website constructions and e-shops, search engines for products, massive e-mail and sms promotions, and at the same time more business platforms are being published in the present website.

We have developed throughout the years a team of experts in advertising and promoting, which undertakes to take advantage of every possibility the internet can use to the client.

What makes us different from our competitors is our quality, our speed and our low costs in combination with the support and client service we provide.

The flexibility of the applications we construct is one of our basic advantages.

Our company today has a team of 12 people devoted completely to the completion of our projects, and more selected partners, experts in various fields.

Our company has great experience in marketing and sales, with a sector for training and promotion strategy analysis of the products, in Greece and abroad. Our salespersons team is trained with seminars given through the company.

Our company is in cooperation with every domestic teaching institution (IEK, TEI, AEI)  and we give young graduates the chance to complete their internship with us.

Our goal is to continuously improve our services, making them more flexible, entering new products to the market, which are according to the current needs of each business.